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Nearly all business are water-based

Water for Every Industry

With NSF certified clean mineral water as the base

The power of electrolysis to enhance your offerings and replace most liquid products, cleaning agents, solvents, and "cost of doing business" products

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5 Distinct Water Types for Any Business

Select your area of interest below and discover how each water type can enhance your offerings and save you thousands of dollars.

Food & Bev

Restaurants, Cafes, Breweries, Grocers

Bodywork Centers
& Retreats

Spas, Chiropractic, Massage, Resorts, Retreats

Farm & Garden

pH control, built in disinfection/fungicide/pesticide


Give your business some SERIOUS leverage (check out our Podcast)

Best in Class Filtration by MULTIPURE

For those tired of clean water being a chore

Rigorous Testing

Standardized, third party testing is a blessing in the era of regulatory capture

Next Level Carbon Tech

One single filter with multiple layers of cutting edge tech protection

A Match Made in Heaven

The perfect filter to match the perfect ionizer. Ask me why I went with this pair!

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Restaurants, Cafes, Elixir Bars, Breweries, Natural Food Stores

9.5 You're already offering tap and bottled water.

What will clients say when you offer HYDROGEN Water (or add your own flavor)

9.0 Fascinating affects on Molecular Gastronomy for any water based dish (rice, grains, pasta, etc)

8.5 Micro-clustered water "thin-water" brings out flavor, consistency, and the best aspects of soups, cocktails, mocktails, COFFEE, or any Tea

11.5 Powerful emulsifier and degreaser for washing produce (oil based pesticides - even organic)

2.5 Hypoclorous acid (non-toxic) can replace all of your cleaning products (for all but the most serious cleanups)

+plus an included extra income stream

This technology is already being

used by award winning establishments

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Chiropractic, Massage, Spas, Healing Centers, Retreats

Mineral Ion Water Spa

Instant luxury spa

Welcome to the Anespa: fill your hot tub, bath, shower for your spa, retreat, or home!

Water filtration: built in filtration to remove sediment, chlorine, and contaminants

Tufa Stone: A mineral stone taken directly from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan. This stone gives the water the same gentle and relaxing effect of a hot spring.

Mic stone: A mineral stone generating mildly alkaline water perfect for your skin

Power stone: generate strong negative ions

All the health and relaxation benefits of a clean, natural hot spring

Peak Hydration

9.5 Drinking Water: Hydration is foundation of wellness and MOLECULAR HYDROGEN is a powerful antioxidant shown to accelerate repair & recovery processes in 100s of modalities - helping the body to get back to homeostasis quickly andacting as a built in detoxifier.

View literature for molecular hydrogen

View the literature for Electrolyzed Reduced Water


8.5/9.0: Microclustered (5-8 molecules H20) and restructured clean water rapidly helps diffuse nourishment from fruit, herbs, flowers, vegetables, and grains.

Perfect for alchemy of mocktails, smoothies, juices, soups, and all manner of nourishing and cleansing modalities to help the body detoxify.


7.0 Clean neutral when you need water a carrier for your mixes, formulas

Flawless Skin/Hair

6.0: What are you putting on your largest organ, your skin? Slightly astringent water perfect for the microbiome and needs of your skn and hair.

Mix your normalwater-based fresheners and fragrences and never have to buy skin-care products again (we're not joking)

Potent non-toxic cleaning

2.5 HOCL: With the power of salt and electrolysis comes the wonder of Hypochlorous acid. This is the same substance our white blood cells make to fight infection.

Entire companies exist based off of minute dilutions of HOCL. WATCH HERE

You get the powerful cleansing properties of full strength 2.5 HOCL on your countertop to replace: Hydrogen peroxide, oxidizers (bleach, etc), sanitizing agents


11.0: A powerful cleaner and degreaser that dissolves fats and grease. Perfect for removing the oil based sprays from produce. Great for getting the last bit of oils out of any bottle. Accelerated anti-inflammation via topical application (high concentration of dissolved H2 - molecular hydrogen.

Also triggers melatonin release for a sleeping aide.

Farm & Garden

never buy synthetic chemicals again

Filter growth inhibitors

Preserve the minerals and micronutrients plants need to thrive, remove chlorine, chloramines, hormones, glyphosate, and heavy metals present in even some springs that stunt plant growth growth

Electroylsis provides everything else

11.0: Hacking Germination

Rapid germination (times cut in half on some of our microgreens tests from our resident farm (KC Gardens/Sprout Culture) due to increased water penetration (cluster size) and extra oxygen availability

11.0 is also a strong emulsifier used for pest control to both remove any natural fatty acids used as a deterent and directly sprayed onto soft bodies pests as well

6.0: Explosive Growth

With pH 6.0 water at your disposal, never buy another pH buffer and dump synthetic chemicals on your crop again.

Have the perfect hydration for micronutrient absorption on tap every time you water. No more yo-yoing pH!

Drastically reduce growth time for short term plants (ie: microgreens, spring mix, radish, greens, etc)

2.5 HOCL: Sanitize/Pest Control

Hypchlorous Acid is a massive game changer for keeping life under control in the green house

  • Fungicide (non-toxic)
  • Pesticide (including Mites!!)
  • Algae
  • Sanitize Equipment

Think horticultural vinegar without the burn

Water Based Impact

The goal of our Podcast - Abundance on Tap is to catalogue the success stories of entrepreneurs that have dramatically changed their impact, reach, and trajectory in life by leveling up their water.

Are you thinking about becoming your own boss and working in an unlimited global business spreading massive positive change?

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