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We started our podcast because we wanted to share the life changing transformations that happen every day within this business and with this technology.

Multiple people have compared this technology to "having an ATM on your countertop"

No Experience, No Problem!

95% of people that excel in this business start with no experience.

~ rEvolutionary Training ~


Learn done-for-you systems that work for you 24/7 so you can spend your time enriching your mindset, growth, family, and vision.

**No social media empire required**

Built-in Courses

All the skills you need to go from a JOB (Just Over Broke) to Getting Paid to enrich the lives of others through your vision of Health, Wealth, & Mindset

Community Support

Building a business can be a daunting task for the Lone Wolf. Watch the Webclass to be introduced to our group of rEvolutionaries that are there to lift you up every day and every week with Masterclasses and Masterminds.


  • Find products that you love & align with that can easily generate a profitable income & have massive impact on others – Without having to make hundreds of sales a month (No MLMs or Pyramids)
  • ​Leverage our platform: comprehensive business courses on all aspects of business & personal growth that meet you wherever you are and provide a clear path to the next stage of your success
  • ​Digestible business frameworks and plug/play strategies: Organic marketing, avatar training, social media leverage, ads training, weekly masterminds and roundtables, and more!
  • ​Automation: custom templates and done-for-you workflows to your branding and style and let it rip: generate leads and business partners while you sleep or go on vacation!
  • ​Community Support: Join the Appalachian Water Collective and our parent community Evolution Era and be inspired, nudged, and supported by a massive community of entrepreneurs sharing their secrets for success on their path to time freedom

Timeframe for Time Freedom

Your trajectory to buying your time back



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NOW it's time to connect with your coach for your 1-on-1 Coaching Call, complete the step-by-step Discovery Process training course, and immerse yourself within our expansive & diverse community of healthpreneurs, weekly masterclasses, platform & automation education, etc


(month 0 - 12)

You are seeing REAL RESULTS in your online business. You're building a supplemental income and you're well on your way to having true time flexibility

You've grown and transformed in a different way and are becoming the best version of yourself

Those limiting beliefs about money that have held you back in the past, no longer exist, and the world is yours for the taking!


(month 12 & beyond)

You and your business are THRIVING!

You are now working completely independently and have created a leveraged income

Sure, the money is great, but you now have something more valuable - Time Freedom & Location Flexibility.

You are truly building and living the life of your dreams that you have always desired!

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